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After the unexpected challenge of COVID 19, the third year of this exciting new chapter in the South African wine auction landscape has arrived with the historical Nederburg Auction evolving into the Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction, which has been presented by Nederburg since 1975. This brings a new focus, format, selection process and venue for a truly industry-led auction, which is centred around the high expectations of today’s wine enthusiasts, investors, collectors and producers.

Significant input has been sought over the past few years from industry legends, leading producers and buyers to ensure a new-format auction is ready to meet the demands of all wine enthusiasts and collectors. The selection process has also been rigorously debated by world-renowned judges, critics and influencers to ensure that the process aligns with other respected international wine auctions.

The Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction will be held this year over the weekend of the 22nd May 2021 again at the beautiful and very fitting Rupert Museum in Stellenbosch.

Entry Criteria

The following key criteria will be considered as part of the Auction’s wine line-up selection process:

Brand Recognition and Demand: Does the wine being entered have strong collector demand and brand recognition amongst fine & rare wine collectors? Is there a track record of price rises?

Quality: Is the wine considered high quality by independent reviewers, critics and judges? Can the wine improve by further cellaring?

Rarity: Is the wine being entered rare? For example, it is no longer available from retailers or at the cellar door.

Provenance: Has the wine been stored under ideal temperature-controlled conditions? Can the history, authenticity and where it has been stored be proven?

Niche Items: Producers are encouraged to enter special / once-off niche items. These could be a collaboration collection or single barrel wine for example. Importantly, volume, brand and absolute rarity must be considered for niche items.

Age: There are no minimum age entry criteria.

Quantity: There are no minimum or maximum quantity restrictions.

Availability: All wines must have been unavailable to the retail trade or public for at least 12 months prior to the date of auction.

2020 Veritas: Wine with Gold or Double Gold awards at this year’s Veritas show will not be considered for inclusion in the 2021 Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction unless it is reserved exclusively for the Auction.

Entries: The auction is open to all South African producers of fine and rare wine.
The number of entries per producer is not limited.

Fees: Each wine entered will attract an entry fee of R750 per wine, irrespective of successful entry.
Participating producers will be encouraged to donate a special wine item for the Charity Auction, for example larger format, vertical cases, special mixed cases etc.

Selection Process

The same rigorous selection process will be followed in 2020 as was used in 2019.

A two-stage selection process will be implemented, the first part being a Desktop Review of entries and the second, a Blind Tasting (typically where a wine has not been tasted for some time).

Stage 1: Desktop Review

All wine entries will be presented to a 3-member panel for consideration. The main objective of this panel is to check all entries for rarity, quality, provenance and demand. Is the wine fine & rare wine auction quality? This is a Pass / Taste / Fail test.

Pass: Where there is consensus from all three panel members that the wine meets the auction criteria it will go straight to auction.

Taste: Where there is some doubt (typically where a wine has not been tasted for some time), the wine will be sent to a blind tasting where it will either be included or rejected for the current auction.

Fail: The wine does not meet the entry criteria for the auction and will not be included.

Stage 2: Blind Tasting

Producers will be notified as soon as possible after the Desktop Review has been completed. If a wine has been selected for the blind tasting, samples will be requested and delivery will need to take place within 10 days for the blind tasting.

All wines selected for tasting will be tasted blind by a 3-member panel. A majority consensus will be required to answer the question “Is this wine Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction quality?” Yes or No. Tasting notes of wines being tasted will be made. After each flight is completed, the Chairperson evaluates the “scores” and any significant variations are discussed as a group until a consensus is reached.

Tasting Notes: Up to date and relevant tasting notes will be required for the auction catalogue and all marketing activities. Each producer is responsible for providing these.

Auction Strategy

We highly recommend that all participants plan their entries and sales with future auctions in mind by holding back certain stock and vintages. The Auction Team would welcome the opportunity to discuss any strategy with you and assist where possible in planning volumes and future release dates.

Entry Form

Please click on the link provided in the covering email or copied below to enter using the Online Google Forms submission system.

ENTRY FORM: Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction 2021

Please ensure that all entries are submitted by the submission deadline of 5pm on Sunday 20th September 2020. Please phone the action office for any late entries.

If your wine is selected for the Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction, additional information will be requested like professional bottle shots, company bio, logo etc. This information is required in order to produce the auction catalogue and auction presentation.

Please note – entries can only be submitted through the online Entry Form. No other form of entry will be accepted. There is no limit to the amount of wines you can enter as long as they all meet the submission criteria. Each entry must be submitted individually.

All queries regarding entries should be directed via email to Suné Van Der Merwe

Key Dates

Event Day 2020 Date Time
Submissions Open (Complete online Entry Form) Mon 31 August 2020 9pm
Submissions Close (Last day to submit entry form) Fri 18 September 2020 5pm
Selection Stage 1: Desk-Top Review Wed 07 October 2020 10am
Sample delivery opens for Stage 2 tasting Selection Tues 14 October – 28 October 12pm
Selection Stage 2: Blind Tasting Thur 3 & 4 November 10am
Contracts Issued to Producers Wed 30 November – 4 December 12pm
Wine Deliveries/Collections: Auction & Tasting Stock Murdo to collect from producers Thur 30 November 8am
Wine Deliveries CLOSE: Auction & Tasting Stock Thu 4 December 3pm
Final Results: Auction line-up announced w/c 7 December

Samples, Stock and Delivery Requirements

The Auction will do its utmost to minimise sample requirements as we understand that this is a drain on valuable stock.

Samples will be required for all wines that have passed the stage 1 (desktop review) process. This allows the Auction Office to check all bottles against the supplied submission information (entry forms, export certificates etc.) and to have stock available of all wines that need tasting as part of the stage 2 process. Not all wines will be tasted.

No samples will be opened unnecessarily. Any left-over samples will either be returned or kept in storage for the pre-Auction tasting.

The following wine samples and stock will be required for the selection tasting, pre-Auction tasting and auction, which must be delivered to the Auction office at Die Bergkelder, Stellenbosch:

Event Delivery Window Required 375ml 750ml 1.5L
Entry Review and Selection Tasting 14 October – 28 October If Selected 2 2 2
Auction tasting* (media, influencers & UK – no pre-auction tasting this year) 30 November – 4 December If Selected 3 3 3
Auction Stock – to be collected 30 November – 4 December from producers If Selected TBC TBC TBC

* These are minimum requirements. Any remaining samples from the Selection Tasting will be kept for the Pre-Auction tasting / International Auction or returned. This will be communicated to each producer.

All samples to be delivered to Murdo Dreyer at the address detailed below.

All unopened samples will be returned to the producers.

Any samples or stock not received by the delivery deadline dates above will lead to the entry being withdrawn.

All queries regarding wine deliveries should be directed to Murdo Dreyer (

General Information

Kindly note the following:

Contact Details

Please contact the relevant Auction Team member for any queries or additional information.

Name Designation Contact for Tel Email
Suné van der Merwe Auction Manager
  • General enquiries
+27 (72) 224 2888
Murdo Dreyer Auction Logistics
  • Sensorial Report
  • Wine Sample Deliveries
  • Auction wine deliveries
  • Payment enquiries
021 809 7203

Delivery Address

All wine samples and Auction stock must be delivered to the following address as per the specified quantities and dates detailed above.

All deliveries must be marked as follows:

Attention: Murdo Dreyer
Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction Office
Distell, Die Bergkelder
George Blake Street



The Bergkelder
George Blake Street
Stellenbosch, 7600

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